Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Winter Dramas...of Looove

Here are a few more fun dramas coming out this winter! I'm looking forward to them! Yay! This season won't totally suck like the last one!

(mirai koshi meguru)

Who: 深田恭子(Fukada Kyoko) - Singer/Actress, she's been in some stuff (下妻物語、リング2) and sang some I'm more or less impartial to her...I used to listen to her music when I was young and impressionable...and it also stars 勝地涼(Katsuji Ryo).
What: It's about an English teacher who can see 20 years into the future of everyone around her!
Rate: Wow! How useful! I'd know what people will look like 20 years from now! Where they'd end up! I so want that! And I so want to watch this show! Yay!

(bara no nai hanaya)
Who: 香取慎吾 (Katori Shingo!!) YAY! Who!?! If you have to ask...shame on you! Only a member of SMAP I had a crush on nearly the entire time I lived in Japan! I was going to marry him...*sigh*...I moved on...I did...and some chick...and some other people...that don't matter...and more 慎吾!! Yay!
What: Does it matter
慎吾's in it! Alright! He owns a flower shop...his wife dies...(so sad...*cough*) He has to raise his daughter by himself, and he falls in love again I can only assume...since it's catagorized as a drama/romance...
Rate: Predictable? Yes. But Shingo! The headline in the Sanso news for the announcement of the drama read.."From Shingo Mama to Papa!" Haha, so cleaver. You can check it out here.
If you don't know what a Shingo Mama is:

That clip is really old, but everytime I see it...omg...sooooo funny! aaah!

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