Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More! More, Winter Dramas!

The schedule is filling up fast, so here are a few more winter dramas!

(Binbo Danshi/ボンビーメン Bonbimen)

Starring: 小栗旬 (Oguri Shun) from クローズ Zero! Yay! And of course, probably most popular for his role in 花より男子(hana yori dango) & 花より男子2.
What's it about?: Oguri plays a poor but optimistic college student in this comical story. Because of his overly nice personality, he ends up taking on other people's debts and faces various challenges to pay off those debts.
Rating: Sounds generic and predictable...but, I'm going to totally watch it. But I dunno...I don't find him hot like everyone else...maybe this drama will change my mind...

(ashita no kita yoshio)

Starring: 小日向文世 (Kohinata Fumiyo) who's been in such things as: Hero, Orange Days, and 風林火山 (seriously, it!). And 松田龍平 (Matsuda Ryuhei). He's so creepy, yet so intriguing. He's been in, Cutie Honey, NANA...his brother is Matsuda you know him. Okay....
What's it about?: Yoshio Kita is a debt-laden man whose wife (Manami Konishi) has left him. With his close friend's death anniversary only 11 days away, Yoshio chooses that date for his own death.
Rating: How sad is that! OMG. It sounds like it will be a crying drama...what drama isn't a crying drama?! I don't know that I have the patience, stamina...or attention span for this drama...but I'll give it a go. And that 龍平 is just so creepy I need to watch it I mean look at this picture...he stares into your soul! Eerie.

Anyway, you can read more about あしたの喜多善男 here. Apparently, it was based on a novel. Interesting...I assume.

For no reason whatsoever...and because I is DJ Ozma with lie-lie-lie.

You know I love you. ポッ(*゚.゚)(゚.゚*)ポッ

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Jet said...

As I'm reading these I'm trying to remember all the Japanese I've forgotten. :(