Wednesday, November 14, 2007

あ〜〜あ おかしい!

On a side note, semi-unrelated to this extremely funny, and wonderful thing has happened. Let me start from the beginning.
My roommates and I keep our internet connection open, I have several computers and my roommates have computers and so-forth. It is too hard for me to connect my computers with our network locked. We tried it and it just doesn't work well. My computers do not cooperate; so we found it easier to just keep our connection open. It's never been a problem and anyone who wants to leech off our internet can. We can see who is on our network and do have the power to kick them off if we so choose...which we never do.
One day while I'm on my iTunes some dude's playlist pop's I'm like, "What the hell is that?" I click on it and "Zack L's" (yes, his name is really Zack and yes, his last name really starts with an L...and yes, he actually listed his full name but, I, being the kind wonderful citizen I am...persevered his identity...his full identity anyway...I'm sure there are lots of Zack L's that live in my building probably on my floor that can get our signal...*grin*) I am perusing his playlist and as I notice his poor taste in music I notice he has some videos, "Interesting," I say to myself, so I click one...then I expand the name field and notice that "Oh, no..." who is this Amy Reid and why does she want to "Share My C--k"? As it turns out Zack L was a huge fan of the Amy Reid, but not just Amy Reid other fun titles too...he had quite the collection. So, I went in to share the funny with my roommate...I decided it was our job to make a "public service announcement", as I almost found myself watching something featuring Amy Reid. You know I'm glad Zack enjoys the porn...and enjoys the Amy Reid. I don't want to enjoy his porn with him...I don't want to be minding my own business and WHAM! Amy Reid! Feel free to use our internet...that's what it's there for. But you know you can secure your porn! 'Cause for all you know I could be some 8 year old just browsing their iTunes, all unsuspecting like and "Oh! Look videos! Let's Watch!" and you scarred kids for life yo! For life! Years of therapy can't cure "Weapons of Ass Destruction 5".
ANYWAY! We made this!

Yay! For my fingers...and NO! That is not a mattress! It is in an elevator! Okay.
Less than a few hours later it was ripped down and Zack L and the infamous Amy Reid has never again appeared on our network...muhahaha. roommate took a picture...(see above)....and she apparently put it on her blog...well someone found it and put it on their blog...and someone found that and put it on where it was #2 on the offbeat news and in the top ten of the whole day or something...and it got a bunch of diggs! So, we were an internet phenom for like a day! It was awesome! A friend told my roommate about it...and she told me! And we were both like WHAAA!?! HOW! Amazing right....poor Zack L!
But, it was amazing to see what people wrote in the comments...some people think we are bitches...haha true...some people think we are stupid for not closing our connection (either they think we don't know how or god know what else...I forget...they make me angry...and they make me laugh)...someone wants to send us flowers...some people think we are cool...some defend forth. It's all really funny...and weird, since we aren't quite sure how it got out in the first

Let the awesomeness continue!


mariedrennan said...

Hehehehe, the magic of Digg... Congratulations on being discovered. The world is watching! : )

シルビア said...


You're pretty darn awesome for doing that! And those people don't know the whole story, so don't mind them. I sorta hope that you run into this "Zack L." person face to face and call him out for mooching off your wireless.

Charlie_Six said...

Aw, I saw some of the comments people made about you and your roomie. Some harsh stuff, but don't mind it! I've always wanted to become infamous on the Internet. Preferably in a bad way. Tay Zonday recently got a Dr. Pepper commercial for "Chocolate Rain." I'm pretty jealous :(

I guess I was sorta famous for a day thanks to my "Video game mercenary" auction I put on Ebay a while back.