Sunday, September 16, 2007

They let Gackt be in a drama?!

So, as I was perusing an article in some Japanese magazine, I came across something very peculiar...something very peculiar indeed! Apparently, Gackt is in a drama! Not just any drama, a period drama! 風林火山 Fuurin Kazan! For all of you out there who do not know what a Gackt is, let's consult my people for this one: one friend says "plastic, recyclable, harmful to the environment" - thank you シルちゃん, another says, " Botox-fueled androgynous man-thing" - thank you Laurien. My host sister who is obsessed with Gackt, says "beautiful and cool". I however, just find Gackt "creepy". Confused? You should be. Gackt is half man half robot and shamefully popular in Japan. He is a pop/rock singer/songwriter...oh, and "ACTOR". And the NHK (a TV network in Japan) have given him a part in a drama as 上杉謙信 Uesugi Kenshin. Now, if you look at the pictures of all the other cast members and then you look at
Gackt's picture...he looks so out of place! So let's play a game!

答え!Alright you had 5 pictures to choose from. If you chose #1, you are wrong. That is the main character 大林勘助 Obayashi Kansuke...why is he wearing a cloth over one eye?! BECAUSE HE DOESN'T WANT TO SEE GACKT IN HIS PERIPHERAL! If you guessed #2, you are right! おめでとう...I guess. You win nothing! Yay! (claps vigorously). #3 is 上杉謙信 Gackt's same character from the TV Asashi version of Fuurin Kazan. Something I mean really...what happened there?! They are supposed to be depicting the SAME guy! (sigh) If you picked #4 (sighs again) shame on you. And #5 is 今川義元 Imagawa Yoshimoto.

*You can navigate around the map and look at the other characters and story plot on 風林火山 NHK's official site.

Now if you still don't see why Gackt doesn't fit have problems my friend. Plus he can't act. Here is a sample.

This then reminds me of the time he was in concert and fell off the stage.

I like to play it over and over. And over and over again. Ha.

But seriously folks, all laughter aside, besides Gackt and his "creepy", 風林火山 Fuurin Kazan is actually a very good drama. I'm usually not into period dramas, but 風林火山 is very addicting. You can watch it via torrent from d-addicts or it airs on KTSF 26 on Saturday nights.

*Oh and a side note to all the girls out there who think that they have a chance with Gackt-he's taken by his violinist...who is a boy.
( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ


Charlie_Six said...

Woah, I know that Gackt guy. He did the songs for the Zeta Gundam movies. I like the Metamorphoze song, and the music video where he sits in a cheesy looking Gundam cockpit and gets blown up. Have you seen it? It's here on Youtube.

don't haight. said...

I think the art of improvisation is definitely a sport. It requires training, practice, and its really hard! I really like to watchWhose Line Is It Anyway? because it amazes me how good those people are at improvising and being funny all at the same time!

シルちゃん said...