Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some rather lovely blogs I found.

After searching long and hard, high and low, I have found a few blogs that have piqued my interest (and captured my very, very short attention span). The first, Tokyo Graph, which seems to be mostly dedicated to Japanese pop culture and dramas with a great deal of information about a wide variety of Japanese dramas from several different seasons, as well as information about the idols that star in them. I also noticed as I was navigating around that, according to Oricon, Arashi's (嵐) (Japanese pop band) new single "Happiness" has topped the charts in Japan! Yay! Even though I'm kinda sad it beat out Utada Hikaru's "Beautiful World", as it's been on constant shuffle on my iPod...but I digress--TOKYO GRAPH--The site is easy to navigate and has a nice lay out as well as interesting information on recent Japanese popular culture, news, music and television dramas and a nice archive of other information as well, so I was very pleased to find it. (^o^)/

The next blog I came across, I guess I didn't really COME ACROSS it, I was looking for it, was Goddess Carlie [dot] com. Her site is really interesting. It has some information on her favorite Japanese dramas, including Hana Kimi (which I have yet to see, but is basically about a girl who moves from the U.S. to stalk this boy she idolizes and wants desperately to go to school with him, but OH NO! He goes to an ALL BOYS SCHOOL! So she becomes a cross-dresser and dresses up as a boy and infiltrates the school and pretends to be a boy! And no one no one is the wiser. Oh the hilarity and drama that ensue...or so I assume, like I said I haven't seen it yet...but I can assure you...."hilarity" "drama" "romance" "ensuing"...aren't Japanese dramas fun). ANYWAY once again - digression- Carlie's site is really fun, it not only has information on dramas, but has fun little snippets of random videos and some fun music videos. I recommend the Orange Range one, that's on the main page "Ikenai Taiyou" makes me laugh, I don't know why. Easy to navigate, fun information and all around fun site...I enjoy it and she too enjoys the Matsujun. What is the Matsujun you ask?
That is a Matsujun.

And finally the last one I picked because it was actually done on blogger and done exceptionally well. It is a Nodame Cantabile (an extremely popular Japanese drama and manga) blog. It was actually done in my site layout too! Except hers is really, really pretty and nice. She has posted all sorts of information about the drama and some about the manga and she even put up some music from the OST, which I am actually listening to while I am posting this, quite nice. She also has some really nice resources, playlists and helpful links. I really encourage everyone to take a look at it even if you aren't interested in Nodame, even though it's a great show, and I will probably talk about it on my blog later on, just to check out her layout and organization so you can get ideas and everything.

Okay, I think this is all for now. CHECK OUT THOSE BLOGS. jya ne- bye bye!


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Thanks for enjoying my blog :) I'm so happy you do!