Monday, September 17, 2007

女帝 Jotei

Bring the Osaka nightlife to you. With rivaling hostesses, dramatic nightlife, politicians, yakuza, the underworld, and a story that centers around a girl who is bent on revenge, no wonder I'm addicted to 女帝 Jotei. Ayaka, our hero, seeks revenge on those who wronged her and vows to become 女帝 "empress" of the Osaka night scene...and is willing do anything in order to succeed.
女帝 started in July and just ended last week. I, however, just started watching it because I am behind on my drama madness! School+internship = bum kicking. NO TIME! BUT NEVER FEAR! I will make TIME for 女帝, because I want to know what happens! I want to see the revenge in action! If you watch the first episode you will be as outraged as much as I was! And if you are like speak (ahem) *yell* at the a plethora of emotions...and scare the roommates in the other room. How colorful I am.

Also ナナムジカ does the theme song 彼方. Which, because I love you, I have put here for your listening/viewing pleasure. I know. I'm awesome.

You can learn more about 女帝 by visiting TV Asahi's official site and download it either by torrent from d-addicts or visit crunchyroll to get your fix.

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Not Larry said...

I've been searching everywhere for a place where I can download and listen to the latest and greatest in Japanese Hits (specifically their Glam/Goth Rock music (which Gackt is definitely a part of. Do you know of any? I haven't been able to track down anything decent with Kazaa or Limewire. where else can I turn? are there subscription based sites? Do you know, or could you point me in the right direction?

Zoe said...

I have been watching Spanish TV dramas for years but was never exposed to the world of Japanese exciting that I'll get to learn about them through your blog! I've been able to watch my Spanish dramas on Telemundo but where would I find Japanese dramas on TV? I noticed you had a link to an online site but can you subscribe to any Japanese stations through Comcast?

don't haight. said...

Hey look I found a real live ( Gackt! I agree with you that Gackt is creepy. As for you, don’t scare your roommates! You need them to come up with some rent!

Somalian Banquet Coordinator said...

While I must admit that I was not comprehending a generous portion of what these shows are about, you did a sufficient job in explaining the synopsis and characters. I like the interactive nature of your blogs and how it feels like the reader is being personally spoken to. What exactly is Yakuza? A Japanese mafia of sorts? Also, how do you put "kanji"(sp?) into text that is cool. What are some shows produced by Fuji Television?

mariedrennan said...

Another very compelling descriptive post (and video)! This is a fun blog to read. The writing is quirky and conversational but still clear. Just a few bugs to fix:

"story bent on revenge" (people can be bent on revenge, and a story can be about people bent on revenge, but the story itself can't be bent on revenge)

"I, however, just started" (need first comma)

"as outraged as I was" (reword)

Nice work; looking forward to more!