Monday, March 24, 2008

「ホームレス中学生」映画! Homeless Movie !

Today it was announced that the uber successful best selling novel ホームレス中学生 (homuresu chugakusei/Homeless Jr. High Student) by the popular comedian 田村裕 (Tamura Hiroshi) will be made into a feature length film, starring 小池徹平 (Koike Teppei) from "KIDS" and「ラブ★コン」(Love Complex).

In the novel 田村 tells of his experience as a poverty stricken Jr. High student who found himself living in a park and the constant struggles that he faced daily. It's a fabulous book that sold over 2 million copies and is sure to make a compelling movie as well.

You can pick up a copy of the book at Amazon Japan, Kinokuniya or any other fine Japanese book retailer near you.

Here's a pic of the now infamous park that 田村 stayed at and will actually be the filming location: まきふん公園 (Makifun Koen) [left] and a picture of 田村裕 [right].

And finally a picture of 小池徹平, if you don't know who he is.

Here's a little something for you...because I like yah.

I like how most the audience consists of women for some reason...makes me laugh.

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