Thursday, October 4, 2007

After much ado...たいへん!たいへん!

Well...I have had major problems uploading this, so, I had to find an alternative route...good ol' youtube...I've never edited before and I had a hard time coming up with clips that were this is the result. でも仕方がないよね。Oh dear. Oh dear.

I do believe you will be speechless (笑). Enjoy the greatest treasure I may ever give to you.

Words cannot even express...☆⌒(>。≪)イタイ

But, proud I completed it on my own? Yes, yes I am.



Zoe said...

What a funny video! I only wish that I could understand the lyrics. Would this type of cartoon count as anime? There is this film that I absolutely love, I'm sure you've heard of it, called Howl's Moving Castle. It is such a beautifully made got me really interested in seeking out similar movies. I just Netflixed Spirited Away and can't wait to see it! Are there any other anime films or shows that you can recommend?

Charlie_Six said...

WOAH. This video is great. Catchy tune and crazy characters. That one character seemed to have a butt for a face. That's wild. Wish I had a butt face!

Er, anyway, I guess it could use some additional sync work. Like the dude's butt shaking animation should be synced up to the beat of the song, and people's lip movements would be synced up to the singing. Then this video would instantly become one of those Youtube phenomenons.

slurpster03 said...

Great video. I only ever watched one anime series, Ranma ½. I thought it was absolutely hilarious, but never got into any more. :(

mariedrennan said...

Nice work on the video, Cara! I loved the way some of the clips really match the music (especially the little dude shaking his bottom). Were all of those clips from the same program, or were they different shows? My suggestion for future projects would be to craft a "story" or some kind of unified theme (maybe there is one here, though, and I just don't get it because I don't understand the language of the song). Really nice work; I'm glad you're proud of it!